We are home!

We are home and now need to write about our 7 week adventure.  This post is very simple – a map showing our travel path with the campgrounds/RV parks indicated.

We tend to stay at KOA campgrounds for 2 simple reasons – they are usually close to the interstate or tourist attractions and they (almost always) have clean restrooms and showers.  Why dirty ours when they have decent ones??  Plus John doesn’t have to connect to the sewer.  Win Win!
While we really enjoy state/national parks, they don’t tend to have electric and water hookups.  With the medications Barb takes, dehydration is a serious concern.  She must have AC!  This summer had too many excessively hot and humid days.  We think this has been the worst year for heat.  We usually leave home to escape the heat.  This year home was cooler than any place except our last stop.  The only place that didn’t have hookups was Pi Pi campground in California (our last stop).  There was one day the temperature was in the 90’s but thankfully the humidity was about 15% and our site had plenty of shade.


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