End of the Super Lean Spending Month

We survived our (sort of) Super Lean Spending Month!

We had 8 “No Spending” days.  This was not in our goal for the month, but it was nice to see we didn’t spend anything on 8 days.

We had a net savings of $336.98!

We spent less than our monthly average (for the last year) in our Food, Food Out, and Entertainment categories.  We spent more in the Household Goods category BUT we did purchase something we really wanted with Christmas money (that as of today hasn’t been removed from the savings account!)  If we remove this purchase, our savings would be $606.98 and the Household Goods category comes in well below average.

What did we learn???  That we really like going out.  It was very difficult to stay home for meals the first 2 weeks.  We didn’t spend any money on alcohol out.  We ended up keeping our social obligations with others finding it humorous that we ordered water to drink in a bar.  (We still left a tip!)

Could we cut our food budget??  Yep.  The question/discussion we had on Sunday revolved around how we scrimped for so many years, do we really want to go back to eating the “cheapest” things just because they are cheap??  We both agree that we do not want to do that BUT agree we could cut other stuff from the food budget.  We did purchase ice cream last night that earlier in the month we said no to.  Maybe moderation in the extras are what we need to do.  It was really nice having steak at home this month (instead of eating it out).  We did spend less than average, so we obvious cut out something!!

Here is our spending weekly recap and our daily expenditures.


The Walking Dead – Alexandria and Woodbury

We are both HUGE fans of The Walking Dead, a television series based on a comic book series by the same name.  It is filmed in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  While on vacation, we took an afternoon to visit 2 well-known locations in the show.

“Alexandria” – the “town/community” outside of Washington, DC where the group ends up after attempting to get to DC.  Having spent a fair amount of time in the real Alexandria, Virginia region, we knew it wasn’t filmed there.  It is actual a small neighborhood in Senoia, Georgia.  “Alexandria” is a real community in Senoia.  The residents agree to have the walker wall in place – it’s probably for the best – can you imagine your neighborhood being overrun with crazy tourists???

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Super Lean Spending Update #3

We have completed another week of Super Lean Spending.  One no spending day (5 so far this month!)  Even one no spending day is a positive!

This week was less stressful – it seems like our realizations last week were beneficial for our mental well being/outlook.  Here is the link for our Super Lean Spending calendar.

Our food/grocery amounts have decreased!  This was closer to a “normal” week for us.  We still purchase food items several times a week.  We have found this decreases our food waste.  It seems like our food category is going up less than our food out category is dropping!

Our Food Out category is extra lean compared to normal too.  Barb had 2 lunch meetings for work this week but it is still less than our normal eating out costs for a week.

Overall, this was a good week.  We didn’t feel as deprived – maybe we can get used to decreasing our spending in the food out category more regularly.  We expect this category to be high next week due to a few social obligations.  Hopefully we can keep the costs to a minimum.




Super Lean Spending Update #2

So another week has passed and we are definitely spending less in the food out category ($105.58).  This is really good for us after 2 weeks.  (Last year our food out for February was $610)  We have only spent to eat out for Friday dinners and to reload the Starbucks card for the month.  Here is our Spending Calendar.

Now the downside:  we turned down several social events to not spend money already this month.  We really didn’t like saying no!   Going to the movies, happy hour, dinner, breakfast, and coffee shop to chat with friends and family are an integral part of who we are.

While at dinner last night intentionally alone (and we only spent $34.92), we had a discussion about how we were feeling about our experiment.  We were both feeling a little obsessed with not spending anything extra to the point of feeling guilty if something extra was added at the grocery store.  This can’t be healthy for us!  Guilt can do some really weird stuff to your body.

We are committed to the Super Lean Spending Month Challenge but have made the realization that our social life is important to us.  We will continue to only go out just once a week for the remainder of the month.  The first invite is the one we will go with!

We also have finally reached a point in our lives that stressing over every item purchased is not necessary.  Could we go back to the bare-bones budget we had years ago if we had to?  Yep.  Do we want to live every day like that when we don’t have to?  Nope.