Better than Fancy Friday 19 Mar 2021

We are eating dinner tonight with the grandbabies! Now that we are both vaccinated and kiddo #1 received her first shot, they invited us up for the weekend. No pictures but I will tell you it was a WONDERFUL experience!

While there, I got to take Grandkiddo #1 to her “ballet” class. Here’s a picture of her being a ribbon dancer! It was a tad chilly outside for class.

8 thoughts on “Better than Fancy Friday 19 Mar 2021

    • yep, everyone was masked. It is an intro do ballet class with an adult required to attend as well. Kiddo #2 was her adult this time, usually it is mommy. Kiddo #2 even wore her ballet shoes, leotard, and skirt! It was really cute to see them doing class together. Kiddo #2 did ask that she not be included in the picture though.

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