Day 4 – Bodie State Historic Park

Today we visited the Bodie State Historic Park.  (This was started just before Barb decided to test the theory of gravity hence the delay in posting!)


It is a ghost town (in arrested decay) in the middle of nowhere!  The 13 mile road from the 395 is now paved for about 10 miles.  We were very surprised to see this improvement.  The last time we visited, about 1 mile was paved and we ended up with a flat tire along the 12 miles of dirt road!

Our flat tire changing site and view of local mountains!

Bodie site of flat tire change

Cost is $8 per person.  Allow about 2 hours to wander the premises and visit the museum.  Guided tours are also available.

All quotes are from the guide book.  Pictures were taken by us June 2017.


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