Book – Annie, Between the States

I don’t often write about what I am reading but this one deserves mention. This book is considered a “young adult” historical fiction novel set in the Civil War by L.M. Elliott. I really enjoyed reading it. I appreciate that the author included more information about the war at the end of the novel for those curious about the “accuracy” of events as well as a bibliography.

I would give it a PG rating due to death, maiming, and war. It would be appropriate for teens to read.

Here is the synopsis taken from Goodreads site:

  • Annie Sinclair’s Virginia home is in the battle path of the Civil War. Her brothers, Laurence and Jamie, fight to defend the South, while Annie and her mother tend to wounded soldiers. When she develops a romantic connection with a Union Army lieutenant, Annie’s view of the war broadens. Then an accusation calls her loyalty into question. A nation and a heart divided force Annie to choose her own course.