April 2018 financial update

I can’t believe another year has passed!  We really did a number on our goal of paying off everything by purchasing a new car and motorhome.

Our goal for the last year was to pay off $50,000 and have $20,000 in savings.  Well, neither one was achieved.

So before the car and motorhome are added in, we paid off $32,355.33 in previous debt.

  • Mortgage is now at $96,827.40 ($9425.34 paid off)
  • Student loans are now at $25,183.76 ($19508.63 paid off)
  • Cars before new purchase $0.00!!  ($3419.36 paid off)

New Debt: ($7150.19 already paid off!)

  • New Car $33,884.83 (paid off $5979.78 so far)
  • Motorhome $106,355.97 (paid off $1170.41 so far)

Total paid off during previous year: $39,505.52   This is much less than our $50,000 goal.  We did take a trip to Hawaii this last year.  We’ve gotten into the bad habit again of eating out more often.  We need to reassess this category in our budget.

Savings account has $14,118.49

Total debt = $262,251.96

New goals:
* reduce debt by $50,000
* get savings up to $20,000
* try not to spend too much on the new granddaughter.  It’s gotten easier to not spend much since the showers are over.