Summer 2018 Update #4 WY to UT!

So now that we are back home for a week, I’ll work on our summer updates.

As you may recall in Summer Update #3, we made it to Rawlins, WY.  We got up the next morning with every intention of having a leisurely stroll to Laramie, WY and then the next day arriving in Estes Park, Colorado for an excursion into the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Well, sometimes life throws you a curve ball.

Our Winnie has an automatic leveling system which is an awesome feature.  When we are ready to leave, you push a button that allows you to retract the levelers.  Pretty straight forward.


I push the button; it feels like everything is going back to its appropriate place; we seem to be slightly unlevel; all good – EXCEPT the leveling alarms won’t turn off!

We call the Winnebago help line, and they basically say that since the leveling posts are up, there is nothing they can do to help.  Seek warranty service.  We are able to drive so they won’t send us help.  BUMMER!

We start calling on this wonderful Saturday morning to places in the Denver area.  No one is really helpful.  One place said if we could wait until the end of the month, he could see us.  Keep in mind this occurs on 9 June.

So now we are presented with a dilemma.  Do we go ahead with our trip and hope to find someone in Denver to help us or do we consider backtracking towards home?

We figure we should call RV places in Salt Lake City.  The first place we contact, Motor Sportsland, were very helpful.  The service person we talked to emailed us an error code information sheet and a troubleshooting guide.  He said if it didn’t help to stop by Monday morning.  So needless to say, we headed for Salt Lake City just in case.

Some of the clearing error code procedures left us a little nervous so we didn’t try those.  [they are loaded with “permanent damage” warnings!]  None of the troubleshooting things helped either.  We drove 5 hours with the alarms going off.  Talk about fun!!

Motor Sportsland was able to fix it in about 1/2 hour on Monday morning.  No more beeping!!

Here’s a sample of the noise.