Day 48 of Isolation – Paying Bills

I got paid today!!  John gets paid tomorrow.  By the time his check hits the checking account, mine is basically gone – I try to leave about $100 in the account just in case something happens during the night and we don’t get his check.

Our budget seems to be doing ok – we aren’t eating out at all or spending any money on auto gas.  Our savings account sure did seem happy to get a little extra!

Wishing we had a stack of $100 bills like this!!


April was a costly food month all the same, $1400 for the 2 of us and kiddo #2 for 10 days.  We had a big trip to Costco, a big shopping trip to Stater Bros, and several trips to Walmart in March that I used the Walmart card for that needed to be paid with April’s budget – oops – that explains the extra money in March.  We are now getting low on stuff and will need to make another big trip this weekend.

I sure hope people follow the mandatory mask order.  Our county extended the mandatory mask order to June 19th.  I’m assuming this date was picked because that is when the no school, no gatherings order is currently set to expire.

Hopefully everyone is doing ok financially.  Can you believe over 30 million people have filed for unemployment?!?!