Instant Pot purchase, brown rice

We did it – we joined the fad by purchasing an Instant Pot today.  Why??  Our decades old crockpot “died”.  It has several dents and the handles have fallen off.  The High setting is too hot, low setting too low, and the warm setting doesn’t warm.  The lid handle was the recent calamity.  We adapted but it was getting to the point of frustration.  While researching a replacement (we use our crockpot frequently!), I stumbled upon a cookware category – Multi Cooker.


For those of you like us who had no idea this appliance existed, it is basically a combination slow cooker, rice cooker, and pressure cooker.  We have a rice cooker we love and a pressure cooker that is only used when canning due to its size (23 quarts).  Not realistic to use to cook dinner.

The idea of pressure cooking is intriguing.  Cook it under pressure in less time.  The Instant Pot has a 6 quart capacity.  Our old crockpot was 5 quart so not much difference here.

Tonight we tried making brown rice in the Instant Pot.  On the stove top, it takes about 50 minutes and we have to worry about burning or undercooking.  With our Zojirushi rice cooker, brown rice takes about 50 minutes BUT is always perfect!  Even if we leave it on warm for hours after it cooks, it is still perfect.

You get to stay!!

The Instant Pot brown rice was not perfect!  It cooked in about 25 minutes (a plus) but after sitting on warm for about 30 minutes it was on the dry side.  Guess we will keep the rice cooker.

Now to experiment with the pressure cooker feature!

If you have a great recipe for this device, let us know!