The Carter House – Summer 2016

Like the Lotz House, the Carter House survived the Civil War.  It is located across the street (about 110 steps) from the Lotz House (according to their site) in Franklin, TN.  Here’s the official link and here’s the Wikipedia link.  These 2 homes are intricately linked:  Lotz purchased the land to build his house from Carter;  during the battle, both families hid in the Carter House cellar for about 20 hours.

The front line of the Battle of Franklin occurred on the Carter property.  The street separating the 2 houses would take a traveler to Nashville.  The Union troops were attempting to keep the Confederate troops from reaching Nashville.  Many of the surviving troops went on to fight in the Battle of Nashville just 2 weeks later.

The sad part of the story of this family was that a son Tod Carter had joined the Confederate Army.  He was marching toward Nashville when this battle started brewing.  Imagine being in his shoes – your home is just a couple hundred yards ahead surrounded by the enemy and you haven’t been home for several years.  I would have had a few conflicting thoughts – continue to fight or check on the family.  After the battle, his father asked if Tod’s unit was present.  It was.  He and his daughters and daughter-in-laws started searching for him among the dead and wounded.  He was eventually found, taken home, and passed a few days later, never regaining consciousness.

Here’s a video I found on about Tod Carter.

Coincidentally, both homes survived the battle.  Here is a picture of a building about 20 yards from the home.  This wall was facing the Confederate troops.  Look at all these bullet holes!

South facing wall of the kitchen.  This building was on the Union side of the front-line facing the Confederate army.


South facing side of an office building.  It’s amazing that after 150+ years you can still see all the holes.  It has obviously been painted but the holes endure.
Battle grounds showing how close these 2 homes were to the front.


Here’s a video describing the battle in the front of the Carter House  I found on (pretty graphic)


This video describes the aftermath of the battle – how the city endures found on