Just when you think you are done . . .

Just when you think you are done decluttering, you open the entry closet and see a box on the shelf.

It had a pair of drumsticks, ink pad refill ink (8 different colors), foam sheet for kids art projects, piano lesson books, 2 opened skeins of yarn, 1 cedar block (not one package, just one 2 x 2 block), one Christmas stamp, 5 embossing powders, and 2 ink pens!

Drumsticks and foam sheets to Barb’s work, yarn to John’s work, piano books put with the keyboard, Christmas stamp with all the remaining stamps (granted, I’ve not stamped in about 10 years but that is another post!), 2 of the ink pad refills to John’s work, the other 6 ink pad refills donated along with the embossing powders – never even opened 😦

Cleaned the cedar block and put it back on the shelf – maybe it will keep something away.

Both of the ink pens didn’t work – anyone surprised?!?!?

Total number of items leaving the house – 20!!!

Here’s the shelf today – please don’t ask about the 5 umbrellas!!

The green bag has the reusable grocery bags.  The blue bag is our cemetery bag.

And please notice – YOU CAN SEE THE FLOOR!!