Credit Cards Decluttered

We have made a concerted effort over the last 5 years to minimize the use of credit cards.  We do have one that earns us mile/points for the airline that transports us to visit kiddo #1.  Unfortunately, we don’t use it enough to keep up with our visits.  Since we would be paying for the flight and hotel, we have been driving instead of flying to help keep the costs down.

I received an email update today from Credit Karma with the question “did you close an account?”   I knew we hadn’t closed anything.  When I went to their website and looked at our closed account activity, JC Penney closed us!  I know we haven’t used it in about 10 years.  I also noticed that Lane Bryant closed recently too!

I went to the credit card pile (that seems much smaller than it did a few years ago) and decluttered those closed account cards!   You know they haven’t been used in a while since they still have the stickers on them!

Feeling lighter every time I check off a box!