National Curried Chicken Day

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m into the National Days. It has added something new to focus on. Things at work (remember I’m a middle school teacher) are kind of crazy since the holiday break and I need something weird to relax my brain!

I typically am the one to make our curried chicken dish but this time John decided to try a new recipe – I think the only difference was the combination of spices. It was just as yummy! We served it over cauliflower instead of rice.

July(ish) Challenge – Day 14

So this morning we got up (not bright and early) to spend about an hour in the garage decluttering.  Here are the 29 items we removed from our home.  Now to load some into the car for a trip to the donation center.

3 plastic storage boxes.
1 wire closet organizer + 1 extra drawer
1 portable BBQ from John’s dad
1 gardening wire support
1 turkey fryer – used only once in 20 years
1 pair of crutches
1 child safety gate – ironically never used for our kids but to keep the dog away from the cat.
1 dried up rubbing compound
10 balls and 1 badminton birdie
1 pet watering bowl missing the water holding portion
6 miscellaneous trash things

Today’s total = 29 items

Challenge total = 269 items

Daily Average = 19.2 items per day