Summer 2018 Update #2 – NV to UT

We left Las Vegas, Nevada and made our way to Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah. We spent 5 nights at the Salt Lake City KOA.  This is our go-to “camping” place in SLC.   It is close to the Family History Library so Barb can do genealogy research.

The bus/train stop is at the corner and drops off downtown about 2 blocks from the library.  If you drive, the library is about 2 miles straight up North Temple Avenue.  Parking about a block away is $5/day (or your hubby drops you off and has a day alone!)

While in SLC, we ate at Ruth’s Diner for breakfast one morning.  Ruth’s started with an old train dining car.  Now the building and patio almost hide the original train car.  It was a beautiful morning the day we visited and were able to sit on the patio for breakfast.  The day warmed up to 95 F on this day so we enjoyed the mid 70’s temperature.

Ruth’s Diner has amazing breakfast food, especially the biscuits!  Barb had “Trevor’s Potato Burrito” and BISCUITS!!  John had sausage and eggs with hashbrowns and grapefruit – no biscuit for him (celiac disease and biscuits don’t do well together!)  Wish I had thought to take pictures – guess that’s what happens when you just enjoy your meal together.

One disappointment was that Jason’s Deli in SLC has permanently closed!!  It is one of our favorite sandwich shops AND they provide gluten-free products with care taken to prevent cross-contamination.  We had to make our own sandwiches one day for lunch.  So SAD!  If we had known this ahead of time, we would have purchased sandwiches in Las Vegas before we started driving to SLC.

distance traveled:  432 miles

gas prices:  $3.109/gallon in North Las Vegas, Nevada [Pilot Travel Center]
$3.029/gallon in Salt Lake City, Utah [Flying J Travel Center]


Summer 2014, update 4 – Going Home

originally posted July 24, 2014

All of this is being copied over from our old blog site at blogger.  It is easier for us to have all blogs together at WordPress!

Summer 2014 update 4 – Going Home

After leaving Wyoming, we headed home to southern California.  We took a few days to stop in Salt Lake City.  I spent a couple of days in the Family History Library and hubby enjoyed not driving and hanging out at the pool.  Very relaxing!

We spent our last night of vacation in Las Vegas.  We had a great buffet dinner at the Bellagio hotel.
This is the end of our summer travels for 2014 – wish it could have been longer this year.  I had knee surgery on the 17th and we will be back to work August 1st 😦