Hoping for the best.

We are hoping nothing major happens in the world during the next 11 days. We are about to leave “civilization”.

We will be dry camping (no water, electricity, etc except what we take in with us) in an area about 9000 ft elevation with no cellular reception within 20 miles.

We’ll talk to y’all in about 2 weeks.

June 2018 Update

Not much decluttered since we spent most of the month away from home.

9 items decluttered this month.  Here’s a pic of expired coupons.


309 items so far in 2018 – we are getting to the point where we think we are “done” decluttering the big stuff (aka drawers, closets, counters, etc.)

Guess it’s time to go through those “memory’ boxes of pictures, old drawings the girls did, and all that kind of stuff when we get home and before school starts again.

Next post will be the continuation of our vacation!  There was some “excitement” while in Wyoming!

Summer 2018 Update #3 – UT to WY

This travel day took us from Salt Lake City, Utah to Rawlins, WY.  Distance: 295 miles


The Dog decided it was his turn to drive when we stopped at a rest area!

IMG_4643  IMG_4645


After dropping of the RV at the Rawlins KOA, we took a “quick” trip (about 65 miles each way) to Independence Rock State Historic Site.


The story goes that if the migrants following the Oregon Trail reached this destination by the 4th of July, they would be fine crossing the rest of the mountain passes with very little snow.  Many pioneers carved their names in the giant rock but are now mostly eroded away.  A small section of the rock is protected by chain link fencing, but you can hardly see the names anymore.


John hiked to the top, heard a rattlesnake in a crevice and took the long way down.


We also stopped at Emigrant Gap outlook a few miles down the road.

On the drive, we saw many wild horses and antelope.  No pics of the horses but here’s one of an antelope.

IMG_1916 (1)


The last time we were here – almost 20 years ago – there wasn’t an official rest area at the location.  Barb was also drugged so nothing seemed familiar to her this visit. (reason: while we were in Maine on that trip, an emergency room trip ended with her being diagnosed with kidney stones in both kidneys.  One was 11 mm and the other was 9 mm – both too large to pass.  Once those things start bothering you, drugs are the only way to cope!)

It would be several weeks before doctors in Maine would be able to blast those things away, so we continued our vacation (2 kids and a tent-trailer) and followed the Oregon/California Trail most of the way.  Barb got the kidney stones blasted away about a week after we got home.

Summer 2018 Update #2 – NV to UT

We left Las Vegas, Nevada and made our way to Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah. We spent 5 nights at the Salt Lake City KOA.  This is our go-to “camping” place in SLC.   It is close to the Family History Library so Barb can do genealogy research.

The bus/train stop is at the corner and drops off downtown about 2 blocks from the library.  If you drive, the library is about 2 miles straight up North Temple Avenue.  Parking about a block away is $5/day (or your hubby drops you off and has a day alone!)

While in SLC, we ate at Ruth’s Diner for breakfast one morning.  Ruth’s started with an old train dining car.  Now the building and patio almost hide the original train car.  It was a beautiful morning the day we visited and were able to sit on the patio for breakfast.  The day warmed up to 95 F on this day so we enjoyed the mid 70’s temperature.

Ruth’s Diner has amazing breakfast food, especially the biscuits!  Barb had “Trevor’s Potato Burrito” and BISCUITS!!  John had sausage and eggs with hashbrowns and grapefruit – no biscuit for him (celiac disease and biscuits don’t do well together!)  Wish I had thought to take pictures – guess that’s what happens when you just enjoy your meal together.

One disappointment was that Jason’s Deli in SLC has permanently closed!!  It is one of our favorite sandwich shops AND they provide gluten-free products with care taken to prevent cross-contamination.  We had to make our own sandwiches one day for lunch.  So SAD!  If we had known this ahead of time, we would have purchased sandwiches in Las Vegas before we started driving to SLC.

distance traveled:  432 miles

gas prices:  $3.109/gallon in North Las Vegas, Nevada [Pilot Travel Center]
$3.029/gallon in Salt Lake City, Utah [Flying J Travel Center]


Summer 2018 Update #1 – CA to NV

So here we are – three weeks into our vacation and an attempt to update you.  This is an update of our first couple of days.  For those of you interested, I’ve included gas prices.

Day 1 –  We purchased our first tank of gas for Winne 2017!  Up to this point, all our quick weekend trips and running the generator “weekly” haven’t used the initial tank of gas up!

Hesperia, CA – we try our darnest to purchase gas at Pilot or Flying J.  Reasons:  John likes their coffee; we get a 5 cent per gallon discount by using their Good Sam Reward card (after a certain number of coffee purchases, you get one free too!);  they are the cheapest around; Flying J also has dedicated RV pumps.
Gas price $3.469 per gallon (with discount).

Las Vegas, CA –  We stay at the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort.  It is close to the freeway and Las Vegas Strip.  Dinner was at the Bellagio Buffet.  We have always had great service here – especially if you sit at the bar.  Just ask and you usually can.   Here’s our grip with the Bellagio – they now charge $9 for parking!!  Like they don’t make enough on our dinner and gambling!
Pilot/Flying J in North Las Vegas the next morning:  Gas price $3.109 per gallon (with discount).

Here are a few pics of their lobby – they frequently change it up so every time we visit, it is something new.  We always love it!

Last Day before Vacation Checklist

Taking a quick break for lunch – decided to post my checklist so far.  Hopefully everything gets finished!!

This is the “Sticky Notes” feature for those of you using Microsoft Windows.  I find it so easy to use and NO PAPER!!  When I finish a list, I just delete it.  I tend to have a couple going at a time.  Even if you close the Sticky Notes, it saves them for you.  On a day like today, I leave it open.  Sorry Melinda, I just can’t use the purple – pink power all the way here!