2015 in 2015 update #6 – We made it to 10,000!

So here we are – another month of decluttering the stuff completed!

We’ve been moved back into the house now for a month.  Most of the boxes are empty or stored for the kiddos to go through or pick up.  I’m assuming some of it will be here for a while.  Good thing we have an extra closet!

In unpacking all of our belongs, we decluttered some more stuff – 516 items to be exact!  We have basically gone through everything in the house and are feeling pretty good about how it is turning out.  Now the garage is a different story!  There are many items (mostly furniture, storage containers that are empty, and master bath stuff) we didn’t put back into the house and now we really need to make a decision about that stuff.  Good thing we have a 3 day weekend coming up!

So here are the numbers – Continue reading

2015 in 2015 Update #5

We can’t believe how much stuff we have decluttered!  After the “Great Flood”, we have been unpacking and decluttering along the way during July.  Our stuff was delivered July 14 and we staying the night for the first time July 30.  We had to wait for a bathroom to be functional.  Things are not quite back to normal but they are coming along.

Here are the numbers so far for 2015:

House = 5269

Garage = 2424

Barbie’s, etc =  2301  (See this post for details)

GRAND TOTAL = 9994 with 32 trips to Goodwill.  9 of these trips were this recent month!

Items removed this month = 1632 !!

WE WILL MAKE IT TO 10,000 ITEMS REMOVED FROM THE HOUSE!!  Who knew that we would actually declutter this much stuff when we started in January.  We were tempted to go around and find 6 items but we are too tired tonight.

We didn’t eliminate any stuff from the garage this month.  It is still full of boxes/belongings/furniture that used to be in the house.  The Barbie category didn’t change either.  The toys left are in the rafters of the garage and can wait until we have more of the house completed.

While we are unpacking, we keep thinking how much more work it would have been with 8362 more items.  The approximate 1000 books alone gave us a backache!

Life in the Motel musings

Since the “Great Flood of 2015”, we have been a resident of the local Residence Inn since May 19.  They provide breakfast daily, “happy hour” 3 days a week, and all the stuff needed to stay in their rooms.  We are in a studio room – king size bed, living area and full kitchen with most of what you would need to stay there.

Here are some of our musings.

  • Our larger couch is way more comfortable to sit on to watch movies.
  • Streaming movies hasn’t been a problem.  They provide decent wifi.
  • The knives they provide SUCK!
  • 4 plates for the both of us is not enough if we eat/prepare more than one meal a day.
  • 4 glasses are not enough either.
  • 4 utensils for eating is definitely not enough!
  • They should provide a sponge for the kitchen. 
  • We miss our washing machine.
  • The coffee maker just isn’t the same.
  • We miss our gas stove.
  • Electric stovetop is easier to clean than our gas stovetop.
  • It is ridiculous that they will come into the room to change the towels and make our bed every day.  
  • Glad they have the “We are all set for today” sign.
  • Not sure we could live full-time in 450 sq ft.
  • Walls are nice to have.
  • Cleaning up 450 sq ft is easier than 1300 sq ft.
  • The Dog likes his daily walks – there are police dogs in training staying here and he really likes leaving his scent on every bush!
  • We won’t miss carting our recyclables from the hotel to the house.
  • The hotel should make a better effort at recycling.
  • We have generated a lot more waste in the last 2 months. 
  • This may be larger than our RV, but it feels more confining.

We agree with the Pope!

Pope Francis has written an analysis of modern life contained in the 184-page “Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ of the Holy Father FRANCIS on Care for Our Common Home” to all people (here’s the link for the original letter from this article by CNN.)   This article by CNN summarizes it into 10 “commandments”.  

While reading the original Letter, all of these topics are talked about, especially numbers 1, 3, 5, and 10.  His basic premise:  Earth was given to all to use and care for.  Our actions do not show we are caring for Earth.

Pope Francis’s Letter as summarized by CNN in bold and our take from reading the original encyclical are in italics:

  1. Think of future generations leave it cleaner than you found it.  also see number 7
  2. Embrace alternative fuel sources – this also ties in with number 3 and 4.  Not just embrace, but decrease usage.
  3. Consider pollution’s effect on the poor capitalism, consumerism, and materialism effect all.  The poor aren’t able to escape it as easily
  4. Take the bus – see numbers1, 2, and 3.  Politicians need to see that public transportation needs to be proactive, not reactive to traffic congestion.
  5. Be humble – obviously!
  6. Don’t become a slave to your phone – or other technologies or distractions.  Ties in with number 7
  7. Don’t trade online relationships for real ones – create authentic memories with others  (experiences rock!)
  8. Turn off the lights, recycle, and don’t waste food – ties in with number 3.  Minimalists tend to be more environmentally aware but also see number 5.  Do it for intrinsic reasons!
  9. Educate yourself – about all of the effects of numbers 1-10!
  10. Believe you can make a difference – too many people are indifferent or think their contribution won’t matter.  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Sounds like the kind of life we are striving for!  We are not Catholic, but appreciate what Pope Francis is trying to accomplish.