Do we really need a LABEL??

As I’ve been reading more about minimalism, simplifying, and clutter, I realize we all seem to want a label to describe our current, former, or future state of being.

For clutter:  accumulator, collector, tosser, dumper, crafter, closeted, hoarder, and the list goes on!  We don’t need a label to know we keep too many of our belongings.  Our outlook on life is changing!  That’s why we are eliminating some of our belongings!   

For simplifying:  minimalism, self-sufficiency, “off the grid”, spirituality, less environmental impact, zero waste, less anything you can name.  Which label do we want??

For minimalism:  cosy, 100 items, buy nothing, anit-consumerism, repurpose everything, simple living, and . . .!  Our reasons for decreasing our belongings are varied with many labels being applicable.  Do we have a vision for our future and our belongings?  Generally speaking, yes.  Is there just one final outcome?  NO!

There are times when I’m reading articles, books, and blogs that I think we’re never going to reach the lifestyle some are strongly pushing.  Their lifestyle works for them and is inspirational for many.  It doesn’t mean we have to do it exactly like they do.   We’re willing to keep certain items we only use occasionally – it seems crazy economically and environmentally to throw out an object if “you can replace it in 20 minutes for under $20”.  The concept seems applicable for some items but not everything.

Oldest daughter called recently asking for help to make jam as a “party favor” for her upcoming wedding.  I have a canner – she brought the jars, fruit, and sugar.  We had a great day making 60 jars of strawberry jam!  Some of our memory moments require certain items we just need to keep.  Do I “love” my canner?  Nope.  Am I willing to keep it?  Yep!  Do I use it frequently? Nope.  But she knew it existed and wanted to give jam making a try.  She and I will always have the memory of making jam for her wedding but it wouldn’t have been as easy to do if I had removed the canner.


4 thoughts on “Do we really need a LABEL??

  1. Don’t can the canner…. Interesting post about labels because I was thinking about other labels. It appears to me that it is very difficult finding clothing without labels attached to advertise the brand you are wearing.

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    • It’s funny you mention those labels! We had an interesting discussion yesterday about that same topic which morphed into clutter/minimalist/simplicity labels. Amazing what you talk about when the drive lasts over an hour!

      By the way, the canner is staying!

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  2. We absolutely do NOT need a label! Like you, I come accross blogs and articles where people have taken it “to the next level” (100 things, off grid, all green, live in a backpack and I could go on..) Fortunately for us, we get to choose ourselves what level of decluttering/green/organic/minimalism+++ if any, we want and strive for 😉 I’ve gotten great ideas from blogs and articles, and some have made me more aware (recycle, thriftines, organic++) and some of the advice I have implemented. I think the whole idea here is to implement the stuff that works for YOU! Declutter the stuff that makes sense to YOU, keep the stuff that gives YOU joy. And if that means keeping things that, too others make “no sense”, well who cares 😉

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