2015 in 2015 Update #5

We can’t believe how much stuff we have decluttered!  After the “Great Flood”, we have been unpacking and decluttering along the way during July.  Our stuff was delivered July 14 and we staying the night for the first time July 30.  We had to wait for a bathroom to be functional.  Things are not quite back to normal but they are coming along.

Here are the numbers so far for 2015:

House = 5269

Garage = 2424

Barbie’s, etc =  2301  (See this post for details)

GRAND TOTAL = 9994 with 32 trips to Goodwill.  9 of these trips were this recent month!

Items removed this month = 1632 !!

WE WILL MAKE IT TO 10,000 ITEMS REMOVED FROM THE HOUSE!!  Who knew that we would actually declutter this much stuff when we started in January.  We were tempted to go around and find 6 items but we are too tired tonight.

We didn’t eliminate any stuff from the garage this month.  It is still full of boxes/belongings/furniture that used to be in the house.  The Barbie category didn’t change either.  The toys left are in the rafters of the garage and can wait until we have more of the house completed.

While we are unpacking, we keep thinking how much more work it would have been with 8362 more items.  The approximate 1000 books alone gave us a backache!

Unplanned Packing Party Update #2

So we are basically 3 weeks post flood.  We are referring to the event in multiple ways:  the day our house leaked;  the great flood of 2015;  the unplanned remodeling;  the unplanned packing party.  It really depends on the day!  Moving to a small studio hotel suite has been challenging to say the least.  The house being empty isn’t bothering us – maybe decluttering the stuff has made a difference in our views!

Things removed:  drywall, all flooring, all doors and door frames, bathroom vanities, and all our belongings.  Removing the damaged drywall, etc was $8331.  Asbestos test was $750.

Now to the rebuilding:  The furniture is being restored at a cost of $6927.  Insurance gave us $24,197 for structural repairs.  As of today they have replaced all damaged drywall, texture coated the walls, prime coated the walls.  Monday they will be painting all the walls except for the bathrooms.  We have decided to do a bath remodel while everything is removed (pics in next post.)  Hubby will be adding porcelain tiles above the new tub!  We are hoping the doors are installed this week.

Here are some pics of our dining room. left one is before any repairs. Right one is from last Thursday before the texture coating and primer coating was applied.

IMG_1685                                        IMG_1860