Unplanned Packing Party

Yesterday was a crazy day. John received a call from a neighbor while at work that water was running out of the side yard, garage, and front door. He works about 30 minutes away so called me at work (I’m about 10 minutes away). Sure enough our house was “leaking”. 

Upon entering, the entire house had standing water. Thankfully the neighbor turned off the water when they realized!  I promptly called the insurance company  and a leak detection service.  About 2 hours later a water mitigation crew arrived and soon after the leak detection person arrived.

The leak detection guy turned the water on and we had a toilet fill line rupture. The water mitigators began vacuuming up the excess water.

About 1.5 hours later they had the discussion with us that our house had so much water, all flooring would need to be replaced.  It looks like we have drywall damage (they will know more today) and the outer wall will need to have some insulation replaced.  Some furniture will most likely be considered ruined too.

They then told us they are coming at 9 am to pack up our entire house. They can’t properly dry the house with all the furniture and belongings inside.   Besides they will need it out to remove and replace the flooring.

One of the crew commented it shouldn’t take more than one day to pack us up since our house doesn’t have a lot!  I am so glad we started decluttering the stuff 4 months ago! 

Today we will need to pick out what we consider “necessary” and move into John’s sister’s guest house which is about 350 sq ft.   Small house living – here we come!  They said it will be 6 weeks to 4 months with an average of 9 weeks before we can move back in.

Happy hour finally arrived about 8 pm  last night.  Those margarita were truly enjoyed!  We were (and still are) feeling a little overwhelmed.  Our motto “plan for the worst, hope for the best” will be tested!

12 thoughts on “Unplanned Packing Party

  1. The universe works in mysterious ways! So crazy that you had already taken on such a huge decluttering project, which made this disaster much less worse than it could have been. I bet your time in a small house will be an amazing learning experience for you and your family. Tough, for sure, but probably eye-opening as well. I hope everything is going well so far!

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    • Thanks! Hubby commented on how much worse it could have been! Maybe he will embrace this more now 🙂 I’ve been so busy trying to get things done with the house, I haven’t had time to reflect on the experience yet. I’ll let you know when something shows itself!

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  2. Oh my, I’m so sorry your having this problem. It’s good they will fix it fast though, even thought it means having to temporary move out and packing up your stuff. I hope all works out to the best..

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