2020 Decluttering Update

We decluttered 2051 items during 2020! Our decluttering “grandtotal” since we began in 2014 is 19002!

This might be one of the few positives for the last 10 months – this and our new grandbaby!

We began our mindshift in mid-2014 with a desire to simplify our lives (physical, financial, emotional) with one aspect being the removal of clutter from the house. The decluttering gods must have know, since our house flooded in 2015 and we removed 11827 items that year.

We have debated if we should continue to count the stuff that leaves the house and every year initially decide we are done counting, until I declutter something and start mentally keeping track. This year it wasn’t even debated – I just printed out a new page!

Our lives are definitely simpler than they were in 2014. We both learned to say NO to extra obligations at work – this is probably the biggest change for both of us. We also decided to think more about our purchases before making them. That, in turn, helped simplify our finances.

This journey in Decluttering the Stuff has been life changing!

7 thoughts on “2020 Decluttering Update

  1. I think counting the items you declutter is an interesting statistic. However, it is a bit one-sided as it doesn’t mention the items coming in – even things you “can’t control.” Like junk mail. Or gifts. But I assume (and I don’t like that word), that the overall number of items in your home is far less. I wonder if there is a way to describe or include what is happening big picture. Maybe some photos or words describing a before and after. Maybe rooms, drawers, etc or maybe your behaviors, too – like what you would have done in the past versus what you’d do now. Just some random thoughts as a reader. Your posts do inspire me to get rid of stuff – which is a very good thing! Thanks for your posts, and enjoy your day!

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  2. Lol… I can’t help the counting either! When I started working on the crazy storage room, I had no intention of counting but every time I threw something in a box, I counted it! So I just went with it and printed up the chart. 🤣

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