Cheap vs Quality

I know! I know! I know!

Yes, I know sometimes going cheap is a waste of money. There are so many examples of this that I should know better.

Well, here’s one of my “cheap” vs “quality” stories.

I began using my china teacups about 2 years ago. I even took one to school to drink my hot tea in. The students were intrigued with the idea of “fancy” cups for my hot tea. I did find them a little small but at work, that is a positive in case I spill – less mess to clean up. At home, I just make more cups in an evening. Does anyone use their saucers?

At home, I put the china teacup into the dishwasher (top shelf) without another thought. My china pattern, Noritake Shenandoah, has a platinum rim and are dishwasher safe on the china/delicate cycle. I never use that cycle unless the entire load is china/crystal from a holiday meal. The teacups have never shown signs of the platinum rim chipping or fading as you can see in the above photo. The one at school looks just like new and is hand washed every afternoon before I leave – well back in the day when we had school at school.

About a year ago, I purchased some white coffee china mugs from Bed Bath & Beyond. I figured as long as they looked ok, it was better to buy the “cheap” ones. They were $11.99 each but with a 20% off coupon, they were $9.59 each. They have a larger volume than the teacups that came with my china (14 oz vs 8 oz cups). The white mugs can also be used with the Christmas dishes as well as dessert plates from John’s Nana. Win Win! (I also considered Lenox Federal Platinum white china mugs – they retail for $34.99 each and are the ones Kiddo #1 has – no problems with platinum rim on hers.)

Well, here is a picture of the “cheap” china mug vs the “quality” teacup. I cycle through the cups so one is not used more than the other, usually because the other is in the dishwasher. The other picture is one I’ve regularly used compared to a new rarely used mug.

If these were my “good” china, I surely would be upset at the quality! This is ridiculous!

Is it worth returning them? Nope, I’ll still drink from them. I figure when one finally has the platinum gone, I’ll move to the next one. By the time we can entertain again, maybe all 6 will be without a platinum rim and guests won’t have any idea! Maybe I should purchase the 6 Lenox mugs I originally nixed because of cost next time we are near a Lenox outlet – definitely cheaper than $34.99 each there.

Do you have any examples of “cheap” vs “quality” items?

4 thoughts on “Cheap vs Quality

  1. Wow! What a difference! There’s so many things like that. Two that come to mind: Cheap pots and pans aren’t worth it no matter how cheap they are. Quality speakers sound so much better.

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    • Speakers! yep, huge difference.

      I must have “quality” pots and pans – they are the same ones we’ve had since we got married 36 years ago. Kiddo had cheap ones in her college apartment. When she moved out, I had her throw them away. Not worth keeping. Same with silverware that easily bends when you use them.

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  2. I found that whatever quality of pants I buy, they go in a year. I am a big girl, and the pants give the ghost in the upper, inner thigh area (ugh; constant friction thins and then ruptures the fabric). Regardless though, I choose good quality ones, so at least they can be used for a little bit longer and with more confidence

    Sometimes it is not a matter of quality, but how an item makes me feel like. I shop from Dolarama (a wide-spread dollar store in Canada). For someone who has got a good and well-paying job, it is somehow unusual to shop there so frequently. But, it works for me..Shopping there the same brand of items (like dish clothes; other cleaning products) at a much reasonable price, or simply finding cheap but usable and disposable items (like litter boxes/scoop) that make my life easier are just perfect for me. I am also a huge fan of their pens and pencils, so finding all bunch of different types of pens for low prices makes me happy 🙂

    I know someone who I dislike (one of the reasons for this is them being cheap, but not in terms of material, as I will explain below..) and who likes and brags about quality (and material). Yet the same person and their significant other would bring one bottle of the drink that they would drink, and nothing else, when invited to my home for a dinner (while I as a single invitee would shower them with multiple items when I go for a dinner at their house, certainly not something that only I would enjoy, or for my own enjoyment). This type of “cheapness” is what I cannot take…

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    • OMG! I so agree with your “cheapness” and selfish paragraph! Some will spend $$$ on one thing, brag about it, and then bring $2 bottle of wine, like we won’t know.

      You are right about some things that will be replaced frequently – why not get the cheap version.

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