We have a new Winnie!!

We have replaced our class C Winnebago with a Class A Winnebago!  Old Winnie was 12 years old – we never had a problem with her but as we approach retirement, we thought we should consider a change in these last few years of full time income.


Hopefully we can pay off New Winnie before we retire!  John has committed to 3 more years and Barb 5 more years (then she hits the magic 30 year mark and about $900 more per month.)

Below are the floor plans of our new and old Winnebagos.  Not much different in layout.

Here are the feature changes we love!!

  • The new MH is 31 feet bumper to bumper.  Old MH was 30 feet bumper to bumper.
  • We now have a regular length queen bed instead of a “short” queen.  5 extra inches makes a huge difference!  No more pulling out the homemade extension at the end of the bed, pulling the mattress to the edge, and placing the foam fillers at the headboard!!
  • More space in the bathroom and kitchen area.
  • 😢 new MH has a smaller shower (25 x 30 versus 26 x 36). Thankfully we don’t shower every day in the MH.  If a place has a decent shower, we use it.
  • No more drying rod in the shower, but I think I can live without that.
  • More storage both inside and outside.  John is happy the outside storage doors don’t hinge at the top.
  • More closet space!   Here is the new vs old closet area (from online pics).  The old vanity wasn’t ever used.

  • A little more space in the living area.  2 of the table chairs fold for storage.  When it is just us, that will give us a little more wiggle room.
  • We still have the bed above the driving area.  The new MH overbed is powered so it is up against the ceiling unless you need it.  It is also about 9 inches narrower (48 inches wide, midway between twin and full whereas the old one was midway between full and queen).  We rarely had more than one person up there so we should be ok.)
  • Powered leveling jacks!!  Anyone who has played with leveling blocks knows how heavenly this feature is!
  • Powered awning with lights!