Unplanned Packing Party Update

So we have finished packing the entire house. They took the rest of it last night. We will be living in a hotel for at least 2 months.

It was really hard to decide which items to take with us. We usually go in the RV for June and July. Why does this seem so difficult while those 2 months seem stress free?  We think it has to do with the unplanned aspect of this.

We need to do some shopping too. We have made considerable progress not shopping for anything but “necessities”. Putting the house back in order is a necessity, but we have to decide everything “yesterday”.

Some of the things we have to decide: paint colors, type of molding/trim, carpet, door jam stuff, doors, and bathroom vanities.  We’re feeling stressed about going to the various stores to look at samples.

We also haven’t received a dollar amount from the insurance company. Our adjuster said he would have it by next week. How can we possibly tell the contractor what to buy when the budget hadn’t been developed?

Pics of our disaster so far:  The drywall didn’t need to be removed as high as we thought!


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