2015 in 2015 Update #3

So here we are – June already!  Last month was crazy with our unplanned packing party.  We were so focused trying to “survive” our flood that little was actually removed.  Thankfully, we had very little on the floors – mostly furniture damage (to the tune of $6927 for restoration)  The garage floor was decluttered greatly so we had very little damage in the garage.

So we have been decluttering our stuff for 5 complete months.  The most recent numbers as of June 5, 2015:

House = 3533

Garage = 2335

TOTAL = 5868  with 22 trips to Goodwill

Barbie, Toys, etc = 2301  (see previous update for explanation)

GRAND TOTAL = 8169  

619 items removed in May!

On a side note:  Barb removed 1066 items from her classroom since Jan. 1  Maybe more will be removed when we return in August.

We are sure to hit 10,000 when we unpack our boxes.  The packers didn’t filter – they just packed it up.  It will be interesting to unpack!  How much will we forget we had??

It is times like this that we think it is the worst thing ever – it feels like it to us!  Then we watch the news and read blogs about natural disaster floods occurring.  We found out from the insurance adjuster that if it comes in from the outside, it usually isn’t covered.  You have to have special flood insurance (which we don’t have.)  We are thankful for the small things – they are already finished installing the drywall, texture coating, and primer coating (after only 3 weeks since our “Great Flood of 2015”).

2 thoughts on “2015 in 2015 Update #3

    • It all started with the 2015 items in 2015 we saw on New Year’s Day. We really didn’t think we had that much to eliminate. Now it is our weird curiosity to see how much we decluttered this year. Guess it’s time for another update!

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