Christmas Cards “Decluttered”

I have had Christmas cards in the hall closet now for at least 5 years.  I know this because I’ve not sent them out since before the Great Flood.  They were packed up during the repairs and put back into the closet.

I decided to address those cards today!  Some people will be surprised I did so.

Is it wrong that I was contemplating how many to mark off on my 2019 in 2019 sheet while doing so?  Is it 3 (boxes) or 39 (number of cards used)?


15 thoughts on “Christmas Cards “Decluttered”

  1. Your question about whether to count it as each item or per box made me wonder if it would all make more sense to instead count how much is brought into the home instead of how much is going out… I guess that might depend on where you’re at in the declutter process!

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    • what a great spin on it! We try really hard to not bring anything in and if we do, something has to leave. Those things don’t get counted since it was replaced by something else.

      Maybe we need a nothing in month challenge???


      • That would make sense! It’s hard because I think if I did a declutter challenge, I would be tempted to get rid of stuff just to meet the numbers… But sometimes it’s better to keep, use, or repurpose stuff instead of just donating or trashing it. Or hang onto it for a little bit while trying to find someone who needs it or could use it. Hmmm… And I also wouldn’t want to run the risk if getting rid of something to meet the challenge and then end up buying it again shortly later because I actually did need it!

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  2. Of course it’s not wrong!! And it’s 39 in my book! I decided to send out cards this year too! I haven’t sent them in maybe 10 ish years. Great minds think alike!
    I can’t count mine tho, since I just bought them. But I DO count every bit of junk mail that I find after 3 months, and every tiny bit of broken toys!

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