First Saturday Home after Vacations

Here we are – our first Saturday home since May.  Back to the normal routines – laundry, cleaning, shredding, and some decluttering.

This morning we cleared off our desks – 38 random pieces of paper removed!  We also got rid of a dress, 2 shirts, 4 hangars, a puzzle, and a water bottle.

Total today is 47 items!  We are on a roll today!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Summer 2018 Update #8 – Grand Canyon NP

We drove from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon National Park south entrance on 2 different days.  It is about 60 miles each way.

Day 1: We took the Desert View Drive east along the canyon.  It is about 22 miles from the main Grand Canyon Visitor Center.  Once you leave the Visitor Center area, there was minimal traffic.

We saw an elk along the road.  There were several idiots out of their cars and standing about 5 feet away from this wild animal trying to get a selfie.


The Desert View Watchtower gives an impressive 360 degree view of the eastern end of the canyon.  You can walk up several flights of stairs to the top of the watchtower.


We also stopped at the Tusayan Museum and Ruins.  It is believed this area was inhabited about 1200 AD.  It was a long hike to the river’s edge so I’m not sure how they  managed to survive here without an easy water source.  Gee, I wonder if the environment or climate was different??  The Museum took about 15 minutes to go through and the trail around the ruins took us about 20 minutes.



Day 2:  Helicopter (Papillon Heli Tours) ride over the Grand Canyon!  Happy Birthday Hubby!!



Summer 2018 Update #7 – UT to AZ

So we are now leaving Utah and heading to northern Arizona.  Today was about 300 miles.  This took us through the through the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Lake Powell).  Bryce Canyon National Park is at the very edge of this area.

Love the layers and hoodoos!


to AZ


side note: do you know the difference between a National Park and a National Monument?

The difference has to do with the reason for its development.  Parks are for “inspirational, educational, and recreational values” while a Monument is for “historic, prehistoric, or scientific interest”.



Summer 2018 Update #5 – Bryce Canyon NP, Utah

So now we have a noiseless carriage!

We take off and change our plans completely since wildfires are now in northern New Mexico (Ute Park fire) and southern Wyoming Badger Creek fire) with the potential of northern Colorado.   We headed south in Utah and spend 3 nights in Panguitch, Utah at the local KOA.  This was about a 240 mile driving day.


As we leave I70 and head south on Hwy 89, we witness something we have only seen in movies – real cowboys moving a herd of cattle!  I so wish we could have gotten a picture!  There were 4 men, 2 dogs, and a bunch of cattle.  All the men had ropes out, the dogs were on the edge of the herd, and the cattle were moving together in a northerly direction.  It was an incredible site!

We visited Bryce Canyon National Park one day – about 25 miles each way from Panguitch.  We decided to go directly to the southern most point and then stop along the way back toward the entrance.  We had a nice quiet lunch at one of the few remaining picnic areas.  The others were destroyed by a fire.

southern utah

Here are some pics of Bryce Canyon National Park.


Summer 2018 Update #4 WY to UT!

So now that we are back home for a week, I’ll work on our summer updates.

As you may recall in Summer Update #3, we made it to Rawlins, WY.  We got up the next morning with every intention of having a leisurely stroll to Laramie, WY and then the next day arriving in Estes Park, Colorado for an excursion into the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Well, sometimes life throws you a curve ball.

Our Winnie has an automatic leveling system which is an awesome feature.  When we are ready to leave, you push a button that allows you to retract the levelers.  Pretty straight forward.


I push the button; it feels like everything is going back to its appropriate place; we seem to be slightly unlevel; all good – EXCEPT the leveling alarms won’t turn off!

We call the Winnebago help line, and they basically say that since the leveling posts are up, there is nothing they can do to help.  Seek warranty service.  We are able to drive so they won’t send us help.  BUMMER!

We start calling on this wonderful Saturday morning to places in the Denver area.  No one is really helpful.  One place said if we could wait until the end of the month, he could see us.  Keep in mind this occurs on 9 June.

So now we are presented with a dilemma.  Do we go ahead with our trip and hope to find someone in Denver to help us or do we consider backtracking towards home?

We figure we should call RV places in Salt Lake City.  The first place we contact, Motor Sportsland, were very helpful.  The service person we talked to emailed us an error code information sheet and a troubleshooting guide.  He said if it didn’t help to stop by Monday morning.  So needless to say, we headed for Salt Lake City just in case.

Some of the clearing error code procedures left us a little nervous so we didn’t try those.  [they are loaded with “permanent damage” warnings!]  None of the troubleshooting things helped either.  We drove 5 hours with the alarms going off.  Talk about fun!!

Motor Sportsland was able to fix it in about 1/2 hour on Monday morning.  No more beeping!!

Here’s a sample of the noise.