Prep the House for Summer Vacation

So the last day of the school year is approaching (Barb has 3 more work days, John has 4) and we are taking off the very next day.  Here is a list of stuff we are doing this weekend/week to prep the house for our extended absence, this year it will be about 8 weeks.

All of this makes the beginning of our next school year easier because all the 2nd “spring” cleaning/end-of-summer stuff is complete!

This year Barb gets all the last day at home stuff to do.  Isn’t she the lucky one!?!

last day checklist


  1. An obvious one – wash the bed sheets on the last day at home.  You will only have slept on them one night when you get home.
  2. Another obvious – wash the bath and kitchen towels after showering the night before we leave.
  3. Do all the normal cleaning stuff, unfortunately it happens earlier in the week this last week.  You know the kind of stuff I’m talking about – vacuum, mop, dishes, dust, etc.
  4. Clean out the refrigerator – some of the stuff stays behind but most gets moved into the motorhome on the last day home.  Wipe the shelves too.  Put in a small amount of baking soda in a dish into frig.
  5. Wash the bedroom curtains during the last week.
  6. Deodorize the kitchen and bath drains on the last day home.   I usually do this monthly but always before a long trip.
    • Pour boiling water down the drain – usually a full pot worth.
    • Make another batch of boiling water, add some vinegar;  add baking soda just before pouring this one down the drain.
  7. Add vinegar to the toilet at the last minute before leaving to help decrease the formation of a hard water ring.
  8. Leave the washer door open after the last load is finished.
  9. Go around the house on the last day and unplug anything that can be.  We leave the frig and stove plugged in.  Just about everything else gets unplugged.
  10. Make sure every window has its extra lock in place.



  1. Usually last weekend home, John checks all the sprinklers.  Sometimes you just don’t know one head isn’t quite right.  He also modifies the watering duration for summer.
  2. Trim the iceplant along the front curb.  Because of the extra summer watering, this stuff grows like crazy.  It will easily be into the gutter when we return even when it is trimmed on the last weekend home.
  3. Last thing before leaving, turn off the main water valve for water going into house.


Is there anything you do special around the house to prep for an extended vacation??



Windows 10 Rant!

We have our computers set to automatically update their operating system – Windows 10.

Well, we woke up yesterday morning to John’s computer stuck with a weird “exit and continue to windows rollback” update prompt.  We thought it just needed a restart – WRONG.  Thankfully we have a second computer to research this madness.  Evidently there is an issue with Windows 10 update – gee thanks Microsoft.  You would think you would have fixed it by now!

Anyways, after spending HOURS trying to fix this issue, we ended up resetting it to an earlier version of Windows 10.  But now all the apps that were added over the last 2 years are gone and need to be reinstalled.  On top of that, the computer is “not secure”.  How long will it take to “fix” this issue?????

Since we were having an update issue with John’s computer, we decided to check the update status of Barb’s computer.  Lo and behold, hers is not up to date either.  Barb’s wouldn’t install the April update either.  Guess what the fix is – to uninstall the “defective” update.  BUT IT NEVER INSTALLED!  How do you uninstall something that isn’t installed????

So to attempt to fix this, we downloaded the Update Assistant onto Barb’s computer and tried updating to version 1803.  It didn’t work the first time – it was unable to install for some reason.  Tried it a second time after work today and it finally worked.

One computer updated and ready to go, 2 more to go.

Now we are going to try to update John’s all-in-one computer with the update assistant.  Wish us luck!




100 Item Challenge – last update

If you are looking at these 4 items and trying to figure out what they are, here’s the explanation!


Our old motorhome had a short queen bed.  (Essentially a queen width but a full length.)  To add 6 inches to the length, I cut a foam sheet into 6 inch pieces and stacked them to be mattress height.  I then used an old sheet to cover them.  The 3 bundles measure lengthwise the width of a queen bed!  Genius right?

When we would make the bed for the night, we would pull the mattress out about 6 inches and place these at the head of the bed.  John now had an extra 6 inches so his feet now barely hang over the end.  Shorty Barb never has this problem.  Now to keep the mattress from sagging at the foot end, this piece of plywood would be pulled out about 6 inches to support the mattress.  Again, genius!

The new motorhome has a standard queen mattress. NO MORE MOVING THE MATTRESS!  There has to be a Godfather reference in this somehow but I can’t think of one!