How Many Miles Have I Walked in 2018??

As you may recall, I got an Apple iWatch Labor day weekend.  I’ve been faithfully wearing it to track my steps.  The only drawback I have is that the app that comes with it (Activity) doesn’t calculate a total for the month or an average for the month.

To solve that issue I use the Accupedo app.  It records all the stuff from my watch/Health app but also totals the steps for the week, month, and year into a nice graph.  Love this app!


Unfortunately I still have to add up the miles manually using the “History” information.  Easy enough to do, just annoying.  You can also tell when I changed from using my phone as my pedometer to the watch.

So here are my totals for 2018 since getting this awesome “pedometer”:

I can’t believe I’ve walked 235 miles!  If 4 months was 235 miles, a year would be 705 miles.

GOAL FOR 2019 is 1,000 miles!

Decluttering The Stuff Challenge

We are ready for a new decluttering challenge!

How about 100 items?  We should probably set a deadline – how does May 1st sound?  That would be 9 days with an average of 11 items per day.  I know some of you will do all 100 in one decluttering event and that’s ok.  I’m just feeling the need for some accountability on getting rid of some stuff!

Who’s ready to join me in a quick “GET THE STUFF GONE” challenge?  Remember that even 1 items is one less item cluttering the place!

Habit Trackers, Trial 1

So I’ve decided to look into a habit tracker app as suggested by Melody at The Minimalists Next Door (The habit of forming habits post).

I have an iPhone so all apps are for the phone.  I used these 2 apps for the last week.

App 1 – Productive – free version used
* easy to read interface
* track 5 habits on free version
* not obvious you need to swipe to mark as complete
* premium/paid version is $13.99 per year (must renew to continue with the premium version)
* statistics are for days you complete all habits


App 2 – HabitBull – free version used
* easy to read interface (especially on the daily screen)
* easy to figure out how to mark habit completed
* weekly screen shows all habits and they day you marked it completed
* track 5 habits on free version
* premium/paid version is $4.99 one time fee.
* shows statistics for each habit overall, daily, weekly, monthly

Conclusion:  I’m removing Productive free, continuing HabitBull free, and also trying Habitify free.

2018 Goals

Well, we have decided on 2 goals for each of us, the house, and financial.  Keeping it simple and specific seems to be the best way to do this.

Remove 2018 items from the house/garage.  We think this will be our last year of counting.
◊  Get rid of the air hockey table.

◊  The always on the list but more reasonable this year, lose 15 pounds during the year.  That’s only 1¼ pounds each month!  That seems doable!!  Tomorrow is Weigh In Day!
◊  Do yoga class/video at least twice a month.  After the shoulder injury, this is something that hasn’t happened in about 6 months so it’s time to get back into it!

A weight loss goal of 20 pounds for the year.
◊  Complete another backyard planter.  This is really more of a house goal but that’s ok!

Have a no spend month – most likely February.
◊  Decrease our food out budget to average $400 per month.