2018 Goals

Well, we have decided on 2 goals for each of us, the house, and financial.  Keeping it simple and specific seems to be the best way to do this.

Remove 2018 items from the house/garage.  We think this will be our last year of counting.
◊  Get rid of the air hockey table.

◊  The always on the list but more reasonable this year, lose 15 pounds during the year.  That’s only 1¼ pounds each month!  That seems doable!!  Tomorrow is Weigh In Day!
◊  Do yoga class/video at least twice a month.  After the shoulder injury, this is something that hasn’t happened in about 6 months so it’s time to get back into it!

A weight loss goal of 20 pounds for the year.
◊  Complete another backyard planter.  This is really more of a house goal but that’s ok!

Have a no spend month – most likely February.
◊  Decrease our food out budget to average $400 per month.


25 thoughts on “2018 Goals

  1. I like your goals. I’m sure you guys will reach these, no problem 😀

    This year my focus will be on my digital mountain, and I WILL be counting every app, photo, email, bookmarks and other files… so yeah… I should exceed 2018 by a mile 😆 decluttering other stuff… I will struggle for sure 😳

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  2. These are great goals! I like that you have kept them simple and pretty doable. Well, I’d find 2018 items difficult myself, but you guys seem to be able to declutter lots of things!

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  3. Found some of your ideas and approaches very helpful. I bought a Fitbit fitness tracker at xmas, this tracks a variety of things when synched with a tablet on bluetooth find it well worth the outlay.

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