Decluttering The Stuff Challenge

We are ready for a new decluttering challenge!

How about 100 items?  We should probably set a deadline – how does May 1st sound?  That would be 9 days with an average of 11 items per day.  I know some of you will do all 100 in one decluttering event and that’s ok.  I’m just feeling the need for some accountability on getting rid of some stuff!

Who’s ready to join me in a quick “GET THE STUFF GONE” challenge?  Remember that even 1 items is one less item cluttering the place!

17 thoughts on “Decluttering The Stuff Challenge

  1. Done, and blogged! Gathered together 102 items from all around the house today AND dropped them off at recycling/charity points. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

    How are you guys doing?

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  2. I’d be up for joining this challenge. I’m working on my goal of 1000 items for this year, so this might help me catch up on that goal… I best get off the internet and start decluttering!!

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