9 thoughts on “100 Item Challenge Update #1

  1. So far, we’ve decluttered 6 pair of shoes, 6 articles of clothing, 22 kitchen items, 1 work light, 3 pens, and our old Keuirg coffee maker (along with 3 accessories for it) for a total of 42 items. We still have a few items for sale on OfferUp.

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      • I’m on the fence with OfferUp. I like that it’s easy to use and I get a lot of responses but in our area, the potential buyers are sometimes (for lack of a better word) crazy. They expect you to deliver a $5 fan to their house 30 miles away because it’s “just too far for me to come to you” or they agree to meet and then tell you that they only brought half the money. This has happened so often that now I put “must be able to pick up item ” in the ad and then I meet them at Walmart, where there’s an ATM and change LOL. Maybe it will be better for you.

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  2. Well done! I think I might join you in this, although I am not sure I currently have 100 things to get rid of as I’m getting really low on stuff now (yay!). Oh, who am I kidding. My kids alone could sacrifice 100 items and barely notice, lol! I’m sorting out digital data at the mo, but if I get back to the house in the next few weeks I will join you 🙂

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