Our 2020 Goals

We are a little late in posting this post!  The idea of 20 in 20 is from Melody over at The Minimalists Next Door.

Goals for 2020

  • declutter 2020 items in 2020
    • I doubt we will hit this amount but we will give it a try!
    • go through all the pictures
    • tackle the garage again
  • visit 20 public lands, hopefully spend 20 nights
    • national parks, national forests, BLM lands, state parks, county parks, etc. count.
  • do 2020 squats
    • there are plenty of squat challenges out there but with our bad knees, doing hundreds at a time seems unreasonable.  We figure we can average 5.5 per day for the year.
  • lose 20 pounds each
    • we joined WW (formerly Weight Watchers) so this should help.  We weren’t very effective without the accountability.
    • Barb has already decluttered 11.8 pounds in 2020 and John is at 8.7 pounds.  (20.5 pounds together so far in 2020!!!)
    • maybe we should check these off as decluttered boxes at the end of the year

So what are your goals for this year?  Let us know in the comments!  You might just inspire us to add a new one to our list!

8 thoughts on “Our 2020 Goals

  1. I think we could hit 2020 in decluttering our digital photos alone! I keep saying that I’m going to do a better job of keeping up with them – deleting the bad ones and saving the good ones – as I take them, but I never do. I found a year-old photo of my mom’s vacuum cleaner on my phone the other day! Why?? Who knows! 🙂

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    • Love your idea of picking up litter every day! A goal for everyone to strive for – or at least don’t just drop it anywhere.

      USE A TRASH CAN!! This in one of my peeves, especially in my classroom. I have 4 trash cans – one in each corner of the room so everyone must pass by at least one in and out of the room.


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