Habit Trackers, Trial 1

So I’ve decided to look into a habit tracker app as suggested by Melody at The Minimalists Next Door (The habit of forming habits post).

I have an iPhone so all apps are for the phone.  I used these 2 apps for the last week.

App 1 – Productive – free version used
* easy to read interface
* track 5 habits on free version
* not obvious you need to swipe to mark as complete
* premium/paid version is $13.99 per year (must renew to continue with the premium version)
* statistics are for days you complete all habits


App 2 – HabitBull – free version used
* easy to read interface (especially on the daily screen)
* easy to figure out how to mark habit completed
* weekly screen shows all habits and they day you marked it completed
* track 5 habits on free version
* premium/paid version is $4.99 one time fee.
* shows statistics for each habit overall, daily, weekly, monthly

Conclusion:  I’m removing Productive free, continuing HabitBull free, and also trying Habitify free.

8 thoughts on “Habit Trackers, Trial 1

  1. Thanks for the shout out! We’re about 3 weeks into using HabitShare and aside from the fact that it doesn’t always remind me like it should, it seems to be a decent Android app. There are 2 others – HabitHub and Loop – that I may try. They have more options (ie. charts and graphs and pretty colors LOL).

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  2. My To Do List Chart / Monthly Challenge by comparison is a Habit Tracker 😀 Created for free in free Office software, tracks 10 or more habits for a whole month on a page (each page can be stored indefinitely)… just not for those who want something sleek and snappy on their smart phone 😉

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