2015 in 2015 Challenge

I ran across this challenge (2015 in 2015) on New Years Day.  A crazy idea to count all the items you remove from your home via donation, recycling, or trash while decluttering.  I thought it would be hard to rid my home of 2015 items!  How wrong I was!

We talked about it and decided to go for it.   I went into the bedroom and immediately started clearing out the electronic “waste” in the corner of the bedroom.  I found cds and floppys (our current computer can’t even handle floppys) in that corner for games my children played as toddlers (they are now 25 and 28!)  There were excess computer parts that needed to be taken to the hazardous waste site in our community.  I diligently counted and removed about 300 items from our home in just a few hours.

I realized that 2015 would be doable.  I spent the next week decluttering since I was on vacation and our schedules have allowed us to spend quality weekend time decluttering as well.

On February 9, 2015 we had removed 2015 items from the house.  I printed 2 more tally sheets – one for the house and one specifically for the garage.  As of today, 2274 items from the house and 1118 items from the garage.  3392 items removed!  At this rate we might hit 4030!  Our goal has increased!

We have made 12 trips to Goodwill so far in 2015.   We only made 5 in 2014!

Thank you Nourishing Minimalism!


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