Our Annual Black Friday “Boycott”

While in college, both of us had to work the day after Thanksgiving – John at a bank and Barb in retail.  The busyness then was nothing compared to current madness.  Stores remained closed on Thanksgiving and opened at 7 or 8 am on Black Friday. 

When we finally got jobs that gave us the day after Thanksgiving off, we avoided shopping. Now, 30 years later, we still avoid shopping this day, even online. 

Our original reasons for boycotting purchasing today stem from having experienced it from the other side with crazy customers on the busiest day of the year. We really didn’t want to experience it from the consumer side!  Now our minimalist, anti-consumerism, simplifying outlook on life influences this decision even further.

Is the “really great deal” of stuff worth it?  Do you really save money when you buy random stuff in the hopes you can give it up someone?   Was the time and stress worth the savings?  Will the recipient enjoy the random stuff?  Do you really need to add more clutter to someone’s life?  Did you enjoy the experience of Black Friday shopping?   

Grandma took the girls one year Black Friday shopping while they were in high school (because Mommy wanted nothing to do with shopping at 6 am)  Both had never experienced the madness of Black Friday. They came home physically and emotionally exhausted, understanding why we avoided the madness.   Neither of the kiddos are shopped today!  

So to those of you Black Friday shoppers, enjoy the crowds!  We are going to be doing something else!  

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