April Decluttering Update

We did a financial review this weekend and are very pleased with the results.  Read about it here.

Now onto decluttering the stuff update!

We removed 172 items this month giving us a grand total of 996 items to leave our home!  12 items short of half our goal of 2016.  

Kiddo #2 was home for spring break and was able to remove 2 boxes from her FREE storage facility (aka the bedroom closet).  That was about half of the 172 items!  Way to go Kiddo!  We found a box in the garage with Kiddo #1 undergraduate college notes – since she is finished with grad school, we felt it was safe to discard them.

We are debating whether items removed from the RV as we prepare for our summer adventure should count.  What do you think??  While we are traveling, should we streamline the things we have in the RV and count those as well?

We made one donation trip.  Total this year so far is 5.  IRS won’t be questioning our donations this year!  (Hopefully they don’t question 2015 donations either!)

Overall, a great month.  Some decluttering took place and we enjoyed having kiddo #2 home.  Now onto May!



7 thoughts on “April Decluttering Update

  1. That’s a lot of stuff! What else did you get rid of that was yours, if you don’t mind my asking? I am decluttering as well and wonder if you are doing categories of things or just grabbing whatever looks out of place. Thanks!

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