Larger Restroom Please

As you may know, we are traveling the country in our RV.  We are lucky to have time off each summer to do this.  We have been away from home for 34 days so far.  Knowing that we are living small for 6-8 weeks changes your requirements of comfort.  Some people are considering moving into a tiny home and we have a few things you may want to think about before going extremely small.  (Our RV with the slide-out extended gives us 206 square feet of living space.)

  1.  Our toilet and basin room is 41 inches by 37 inches.  If I were living in this permanently, I would want something just a tad larger!  Thankfully this doesn’t include the shower.  It is on the other side of the hallway.  You can see it in the mirror.IMG_3313
  2.  Insulation!  Our RV is so poorly insulated.  Many of the tiny homes are built on trailer bases and this allows them to easily be moved from place to place.  A drawback of this is the weight.  Insulation adds to the weight and may slightly decrease the living space when every inch matters.
  3. Watch the height of a loft.  Some people have a longer torso length and have a hard time navigating lofts.

Anyone else living small and have a suggestion or 2 to add??




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