Joining a New Declutter Challenge

We are joining Anne at Minimalist Sometimes in her 21 day challenge – Decluttering this Time.

We are only going to do 14 days since we have a trip scheduled and will be gone for days 15-21.  We are also doing the count from 14 items the first day to 1 item on the 14th day since that will be the day before we leave.  We are also starting today while she is starting on Monday!  Let the decluttering begin!!

A unique find in Barb’s desk:  a word search puzzle book dated August 1998.  I guess if it hasn’t been used in 18 years, it can leave the desk!

Here are the first 14 items.

puzzle books never used – super word-find publish date is August 1998.  Sudoku is April 2008.
4 cup coffee pot that was in the RV.
How many mesh travel laundry bags do we really need??



9 thoughts on “Joining a New Declutter Challenge

      • Then do you wash the clothes before you travel back with it or bring the dirty clothes back in them? We just use trash bags for dirty clothes on vacation, that way if we have to bring back the dirty clothes, we can close it off pretty well so it doesn’t stink up the suitcase.

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        • It does seem weird. Hubby says it’s so the dirty clothes can “breathe”. I agree that it might make the other stuff stinky. Guess that’s why I never used them. Typically by the end of a trip everything is dirty so what’s the point.

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