Last Day of the Current Decluttering Challenge.

I wish to thank Anne at for this challenge.  I modified this from 21 days to 14 days, did 2 extra counting of items to make up for 2 of the missing days, started counting from the highest number of items at the beginning of the challenge down to 1 item on the last day.

Today is the last day of the challenge.  We might do those extra 5 days when we return from our trip next week.  So the last item is from John’s travel stuff.  He was packing his bag and found this empty container of travel sized shaving cream.  He might replace it when we get to our destination, but I’m counting it!

Total items gone with this 2 week challenge = 146!!  Feeling very accomplished!!!





9 thoughts on “Last Day of the Current Decluttering Challenge.

  1. Hey… you are done! Congrats!!!!

    This was fun 🙂 I’m still chugging along and WILL make it through my 21 days, won’t be quite as much fun now that you are done thought 😦 You and Jen at have made it an even better challenge by you guys posting every day, then I just had to follow along 😉

    I wish you guys a good trip, and in the meantime Jen and I will keep it up, even though she is way ahead of both of us, I’m super impressed with what she have done…

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