Trying to declutter a TV

This is one topic that causes “heated” discussions in our home.  Barb would love to remove a TV (or 2 or 3) from the home.  John is against it – period.

Now to be fair, the TV we have in our bedroom is not connected to the cable system.  It is primarily used in the RV during the summer.  It spends the rest of the year in our bedroom to decrease the odds of the RV being broken in to.

Kiddo #1 (who has been married for 15 months now) “sacrificed” her room as the guest/extra stuff room.  We were “lucky” that the Great Flood of 2015 happened about a month before her wedding.  John really wanted a place to watch TV if both girls were home for an extended period without having to listen to us!

Last week we changed our cable provider and he had them add a cable box to this room.  I guess it is considered a win since our bedroom does NOT have a cable box any longer.



8 thoughts on “Trying to declutter a TV

  1. I have to admit, I would find it hard to get rid of my TV. I love my Star Trek and other science fiction fils/series way to much 😏 now having said that, I own one TV, one TV only and it sits in my living room. There will never be a TV in my bedroom or any other rooms for that sake… One is more than enough (but then again… I have it easy as there is only me living in this house 😉)

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  2. Long standing argument in my house. I’d love to get rid of the 3 tvs we have. As of now, one sits in a closet until the in-laws come. There’s the one in the bedroom that I wish wasn’t here. Then there’s the main one downstairs in the family room. The only good thing is that the tv in the bedroom and the closet are like 15 years old and still work great.

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  3. I truly believe I can live without a TV at all but I don’t think my husband would go for that idea. So we have one TV in the spare room.

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