Goals for 2017

Goals we both have:

  1. Rid our house of 2017 (or more) items.  We are getting close to “finished” but maintaining a decluttered state requires effort too.  We already see stuff creeping back into the house and garage.
  2. Have a “No Spend” month.  We are thinking February – it’s the shortest month!  Yes, we play mind games with ourselves!
  3. Go through the garage!
  4. Get a new garage door and opener.


Barb’s Goals:

  1. Drink more water.  I think I need a chart like Jena at All-Round Better Me.  Sure hope Bullet Journaling doesn’t add to my clutter.
  2. Declutter the boxes pictures.  Guess I need to develop those old rolls of film too.
  3. The always present – lose some weight.  Maybe a separate bullet journal for food and thoughts??
  4. Get the Mayflower Society application submitted.  PA vital records better hurry up with that birth certificate!!


John’s Goals:

  1.  Clear enough out of the garage to park a car in it!
  2.  Figure out what things seem to send blood sugar levels skyrocketing.  Margaritas seem to be a culprit but without them it sometimes goes really high.
  3.  Lose some weight.  It’s like our clutter – it just shows up.



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