The Minimalists Documentary

We watched the Minimalists documentary last night.  We watched through Netflix but it looks like several other options to watch are available.

The film didn’t really “teach” us anything new, but it did remind us about our journey and why we are decluttering the stuff.  It allowed us to think about other aspects of minimalism and simplifying.  Finding your own fulfillment is what life should be about.  We would recommend it – just don’t expect to learn why you should be a minimalist.

Quote from film that is the big message in just 4 words:

Love People, Use Things

Here is the link to the film:  Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Here is the link to their website:  The Minimalists

8 thoughts on “The Minimalists Documentary

  1. I just watched this as I was putting away Christmas decorations. There were a few parts I found interesting and one was when he said that many people tell them that they love books and then ask if they’d have to get rid of all their books. And the minimalist guy answers to say no, if you love it and it brings you happiness then keep it… Whatever the collection is.

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    • Yes! That was another one of the moments we looked at each other and smiled. If it makes you happy, keep it! Now if we could just find the stuff that makes us both happy at the same time hahaha We’ve been married for 32 years – if we agreed on everything, life wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.

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