Super Lean Spending Update #3

We have completed another week of Super Lean Spending.  One no spending day (5 so far this month!)  Even one no spending day is a positive!

This week was less stressful – it seems like our realizations last week were beneficial for our mental well being/outlook.  Here is the link for our Super Lean Spending calendar.

Our food/grocery amounts have decreased!  This was closer to a “normal” week for us.  We still purchase food items several times a week.  We have found this decreases our food waste.  It seems like our food category is going up less than our food out category is dropping!

Our Food Out category is extra lean compared to normal too.  Barb had 2 lunch meetings for work this week but it is still less than our normal eating out costs for a week.

Overall, this was a good week.  We didn’t feel as deprived – maybe we can get used to decreasing our spending in the food out category more regularly.  We expect this category to be high next week due to a few social obligations.  Hopefully we can keep the costs to a minimum.




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