The Walking Dead – Alexandria and Woodbury

We are both HUGE fans of The Walking Dead, a television series based on a comic book series by the same name.  It is filmed in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  While on vacation, we took an afternoon to visit 2 well-known locations in the show.

“Alexandria” – the “town/community” outside of Washington, DC where the group ends up after attempting to get to DC.  Having spent a fair amount of time in the real Alexandria, Virginia region, we knew it wasn’t filmed there.  It is actual a small neighborhood in Senoia, Georgia.  “Alexandria” is a real community in Senoia.  The residents agree to have the walker wall in place – it’s probably for the best – can you imagine your neighborhood being overrun with crazy tourists???

If you cross the street from “Alexandria”, you are in “Woodbury”, another fictional “town/community” in the series.  The real town of Senoia is small (population about 3,000) and has a couple of blocks to its “downtown” area. It appears that the TV show has allowed for some commercial growth due to tourism.  We stopped in at Woodbury Shoppe – basically a Walking Dead souvenir store.  John got a new t-shirt and Barb a new mouse pad!

Barb’s new mouse pad!  Really wanted to use it at work but was afraid of the repercussions!
Even the dog got to go shopping!
the fence of “Alexandria”.  To the left is the fallen guard tower.


blurry church steeple inside the compound.
“Woodbury” without the barricade and with cars!

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