The Coffee Maker got a Spanking!

Our beloved coffee maker, who lives full time with us and travels with us in the motorhome, decided this morning to stop spitting out water.  We tried running it with vinegar thinking maybe the hard water had clogged up the lines.


While researching online how to deal with this brand of coffee maker when it decides to stop spitting out hot water, there were numerous posts suggesting a spanking.  Since it wasn’t working, what did we have to lose?

Now this bad, bad coffee maker needed a spanking – literally.  If you’ve ever tried to spank a metal object on its bottom, it can be quite painful to the spanker.  John brought in his mallet and gave it about a dozen good hits.

After a couple of tries, coffee maker decided the pain wasn’t worth it and delivered hot water the way it was supposed to!

Gotta love when brawn wins the fight against technology!


10 thoughts on “The Coffee Maker got a Spanking!

  1. When we had a dial-up PC it took ages to turn off. I used to bash until it shut down. When Charley opened it up the next time, he would receive an error message. He asked me how I shut off the computer and I admitted I beat it until the screen went blank. He shook his head but eventually bought me a MAC. So much easirer to manage for those of us not very tech savvy.

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  2. A spanking can also get a faulty iPad to switch on, in some situations at least. Who’d have thought! I’ll have a pouty day when my coffee machine finally gives up, but I’ll keep this fix in mind for that eventuality.

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