Day 2 – Acclimating to the altitude

Today was an easy day with short walks to allow us to acclimate to the altitude.  Rock Creek Lake is at 9600 feet above sea level and still has ice.  This is the most we have ever seen here at this time of year – we usually go up on Memorial Day weekend and it is usually ice free.

The campground we usually stay at nearby is still closed and not expected to open until June 20th.


Lunch next to Rock Creek near East Fork Campground.  Our favorite creek and lunch spot!



After lunch we drove to the town of Mammoth Lakes.  Along the way is the Mammoth/Yosemite Airport and the Hot Creek Trout hatchery.   We decided to actually drive up to the terminal.  They have one flight leave for Los Angeles every afternoon (after the flight from LAX arrives)


Some fish at the hatchery and a view from the hatchery of the mountains.


Mammoth Lakes Resort – Skiing is still happening in June!



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