Instant Pot Beans attempt #2

So here we are – attempting to make the beans again using the Instant Pot.

This time we put in the 3 cups of beans and 12 cups of water and put the instant pot on “keep warm” for about 4 hours.

We then drained and rinsed the beans (we must decrease those gas producing chemicals!) and replaced with fresh water to cover the beans.  We added jalapeno and green peppers, salt, cumin, dried onion (we are trying to use it up instead of throwing it away).  We then pressure cooked for 10 minutes.  (again it took 15 minutes to pressurize).  We let it sit on keep warm about 20 minutes until the chicken was done on the BBQ.

Results were better than last time.  The beans were very tender and appropriately seasoned this time.  YUM!!  Now to become a food photographer!


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