Plastic is everywhere!

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised but I always am when we find evidence of  the damages plastics are doing to the environment.  They are impossible to avoid (heck, my keyboard is plastic!) but we need to make more conscious decisions about their use.

Below are an interesting set of articles published over the last couple of days by The Guardian about the discovery of plastics found in sea salt, tap water, and the unknown relationship to our health.  The articles also contain many links to others about the same or related topics.


6 thoughts on “Plastic is everywhere!

  1. Yes, plastic is a great invention, and there are so many good uses…. but it’s also become too easy to use plastic for EVERYTHING today… way more that we need to use it for… think packaging….

    With what we know today, there really should be a massive world change from non degradable plastic to biodegradable “plastic” or even better, no plastic especially on food and drink related items and other consumables..

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  2. I read these articles a couple of days ago, and it’s scary how plastic invades our lives. There is no avoiding it, regardless of how hard you try… and now we can’t even drink water… what is this world coming to? I wonder what they will find years down the line in how we have not only ruined the nature around us but also the health of us!!!

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    • I know! The poor archaeologists of the future are in for some weird surprises, especially when they find our land fills.

      As for plastic, it is a wonderful invention for so many reasons. At the time, scientists weren’t necessarily thinking about 100 years later and the implications. The scientists of today need to be sure they consider all these aspects.

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