Air Fryer Experiment

Mother-in-law purchased herself an air fryer – and got to purchase a second one for 1/2 price! The joy!!

So she gave us one – not that we really need it!  We decided to test it out.


  • The chicken was awesome.
  • It thoroughly cooked a whole chicken in about an hour (35 minutes each side).
  • It didn’t heat up the entire house!
  • homemade gluten free onion rings were not awesome – sorry no pic – they were not photogenic!
  • Cleanup was a breeze.

Final decision:

  • Kiddo #2 lives in an apartment without air conditioning.  We are finally experiencing normal temperatures but we have had 100+F days until last week.
  • Kiddo #2 works really long days – average day is about 14 hours, 6 days a week.
  • Kiddo #2 would benefit more than us with the mini convection cooker.  Cook a chicken on her day off and have food for the week!
  • Air Fryer is going to Kiddo #2!  She is actually looking forward to cooking whole chickens since Costco is too far from her now.  She was spoiled living in DC when it was 2 easy walking blocks away.

9 thoughts on “Air Fryer Experiment

  1. Good choice. My husband wanted one last year, so we got it for him. I hate it. It works ok, but it’s stressful. I prefer to cook over the stove or in the oven. Except for a rice cooker and a crockpot, which are good things. No work. Then my son got me a pressure cooker because he liked it. I do not. Scared I’ll mess things up and blow up one of my cats. Another appliance taking up space . . . . (I’m not always grumpy, but this is a pet peeve for me).

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    • It seems to work well for roasting meat without having to heat the house. Kiddo tried it tonight to make turkey breast. Took about 30 minutes. It’s in the 90’s here today so it didn’t hear her apartment like the oven would. I wasn’t upset to see it leave our place. Now the instant pot is another story! We love it and it doubles as a crock pot too.

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        • John has celiac too! How funny that both our guys are afflicted! It was a struggle changing how we cooked when he was first diagnosed about 15 years ago. Kiddo #2 was diagnosed soon after. The air fryer has been passed onto her and she loves that she can roast the meat in no time. Cooking for one is her complaint and this small appliance lets her.

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        • It can be pretty disappointing to have celiac. I get exhausted from constantly having to worry about his food issues, even when traveling, etc. I’m just sick of it at this point. Last night we went to PF Chang’s and he glanced at the regular menu and said, “There are SO many things I can’t order.” I think it really hit him at that point. Eating and traveling was always our favorite thing to do together. He has it very bad–a growing list of other food intolerances and continues to have symptoms.

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        • Bummer. It does get easier but eating out doesn’t happen like it used to. Fortunately-Unfortunately, we substituted happy hour for dinner if we want to go out. PF Chang’s and Red Robin are the best places to eat out.

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