Digital Decluttering – Part 3

So this week I’ve removed 1705 emails and 2 folders in email.

Total removed since I began this challenge:  2948 digital emails, contacts, and folders!!

This exceeds my goal of 2018! (and to think I thought I wouldn’t have 2018 emails to remove hahahaha)

Now to finish cleaning the email without counting.

This week’s summary:
1/25 – 1 email folder and 199 emails.

1/26 – 100 emails

1/27 – 1 email folder, 203 emails

1/28 – 1203 emails

14 thoughts on “Digital Decluttering – Part 3

  1. this sort of decluttering is a great idea!

    out of all these emails – how many did you decide to keep?
    what is your criteria you consider before you decide to keep them?

    (I found you because of a blog award I was nominated for a long time ago – I just NOW found out about it!- oops!)

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    • Those were all ones I removed! It ended up being few I kept. I read them and then deleted. If I haven’t needed it in several years, I don’t need to keep it. Some were bill related but now do much can be found online.


  2. this is super impressive! I’m gonna have to try that – I arrived here because of a blog award that I was nominated for a long time ago but didn’t see until today. 🙂

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  3. Wow, Barb!! That’s an impressive number of emails!! I just get sick of looking at them after about 2-3 weeks and delete. I usually never have anything vitally important, anyway. And if I do realize it was, I go fish it out of the trash, which I seldom remember to empty! lol

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