Arming Teachers??

Someone at a high level of our government actually thinks arming teachers and giving them bonuses will cut school shootings.  The “trained” person on campus in Parkland didn’t do a darn thing!!

We did not sign up to be the police, SWAT, or whatever other gun-carrying profession there is out there!

And bonuses????  REALLY?!?!?  We don’t have enough money to purchase basic supplies to run a classroom for a year (I get about $200 for the year to teach middle school science and this has to include any paper, pencils, markers, etc they need to use too;  John gets about $250 to teach high school science.)  Where is this money supposed to come from???  Further neglect the classroom because some teachers are willing to carry a concealed weapon to school every day???

2 thoughts on “Arming Teachers??

  1. I’m completely bumfuzzled every time this suggestion comes up. My dad was a SWAT officer. Growing up, he taught us everything you every thought you might want to know about guns and how to handle them. To this day, I do not own a gun. Nor do I feel safe seeing someone other than a police officer carrying a gun in public. If anything, it makes me more fearful. I can’t imagine being a middle-schooler these days, with all the problems they already face at that in-between age, and trying to concentrate on something besides the gun my teacher is carrying. No bonus in the world is worth that responsibility.

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